Easy & Healthy



Papayas are delicious and healthy, yet also vulnerable due to their short shelflife. The majority of our papayas originate from Brazil and are exported by airfreight, as this allows us to provide the best quality. Generally, we offer two types of papaya: the large Formosa and the smaller Golden, as well as Solo Sunrise papaya. Together with a producer we are currently busy creating our own papaya line. Our main goal is to be able to offer papayas 52 weeks a year per airfreight. 

And More

Besides our basic product range, we also offer the following fruits in collaboration with our fixed producers:
• Grapes from India (Feb-April)
• Kiwi's from Greece (Oct-May)
• Cherimoya from Spain (Sept-April)
fBlueberries from Argentina & Chile (Sept-March)
• Blackberries from Mexico (Sept-May)
• Figs from Brazil (Sept-Jun)
• Ginger from China (52 weeks)
 Sweet potatoes from the USA (52 weeks)