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At FMI we believe in the power of focus and specialisation. This is why we are experts in the field of overseas Limes, Lemons and Papayas. Thanks to our long and extensive relationships with our growers, we offer top quality conventional and organic fruit. With branches in Brazil, the Netherlands and Spain, we have transparent control over the entire chain from start to finish. We are proud of our work and enjoy doing it!

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What really makes us proud!OUR BRANDS

Royal Fresh

On the market for almost 20 years, a justified classic. Our renowned brand stands for exclusivity and is popular on the exclusive catering segment. Only top quality Limes, Lemons and Papayas are good enough for Royal Fresh.

Toro verde

Grass-green Limes in shiny fire truck red packaging: ‘get energised!’ Our high-value home brand, launched in 2018, has quite a powerful appearance and our customers definitely appreciate the eye-catching glossy red cartons.

The Lime King

The newest brand of our collection. The name says it all; it definitely reflects our ambitions. This brand was specially developed in collaboration with our growers for different kinds of customers and target groups.

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Your box, our limes

You have your own brand and want to sell our high-quality Limes and Papayas under your own label? We’ll can take care of that from A to Z. You don’t have your own brand but like the concept? We’d be delighted to share our thoughts and ideas with you in developing and creating ‘your own brand’!

The ‘roots’ of our fruitSupply chain

Our production areas

Our fruit is grown primarily in Central and South America. We enjoy fantastic working relationships our production partners, some of whom we’ve known for more than 20 years!   In addition, FMI has opened its own branch in Brazil in order to be present at the start of the chain.

“We go for top quality”

  • Hakima El Bouyadi
    Quality Control

Our distribution

With branches at critical points - Brazil, the Netherlands and Spain - we control the entire chain. Short lines - nice and efficient!

Our customers

Without them, we’d be nowhere! We’re proud to have built up a great number of very fruitful, long-lasting customer relationships yielding outstanding results.

“Short lines and efficiency”

  • Hans Blaak
    Account Manager

What’s important to us?

Personal and customer-oriented
Working with focus and pleasure
Sustainable and efficient entrepreneurship

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Ginger is the best!

Written by: Marlies Bouman

Ginger: some people love it, some people less: but one thing is for sure it’s super healthy, I must confess! So, after this little poem, let’s get to serious business. It’s true, ginger indeed is extremely healthy and this root is therefore used for many medical purposes. In this blog, I want to focus on the benefits of consuming Ginger, but I also want to give more examples on how to use this root. There’s more in the world than just tea with ginger. Here are some original ideas listed just for you. You’re welcome ;).

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