About us

Ferry Smit

The fruit trade is an entirely new market for me. After completing my business economics degree, I worked for a while in the accounting department of a fire safety company.

In 2018 my girlfriend and I decided to quit our jobs and leave for Spain (Mijas, Malaga) with our 10 year old son, in order to start a guesthouse. It was a tough but super fun challenge from which we have learnt a lot. It was a wonderful experience!

We were still in the build-up phase and had just had a great summer when some other news surprised us: the expansion of our family! We decided that it would be better to let the little one grow up in a somewhat quieter environment with a little more structure, so we finished up our work at the guesthouse. Once back in the Netherlands I went looking for a job and soon chanced upon FMI. With my administrative experience and mastery of the Spanish language, I fit exactly into the profile that FMI was looking for and luckily there was an immediate match. I’m happy that I can keep working 'in Spain' from here in the Netherlands. I am mainly involved with the Spanish BV in Alicante. As the first point of contact, I have close communication with colleagues there to build something great in Spain.