About us

Marlies Bouman

I have been in the AGF industry for more than twenty years! I used to have a holiday job at the Barendrecht auction (I won't give away where), but soon after I got married to Peter Bouman and therefore also married the AGF family business a little bit as well. That is why I have always been involved - albeit in the background - in the in- and outs of the trade. Since this year, I have actually been part of the FMI team in communication and marketing. I reckon the team can be justifiably proud of the quality of our products and what they do every day in this fast-paced and demanding industry. Also, fruit is a beautiful product - a generous gift from the Creator! In everyday life, I enjoy bringing up our two teenagers and am involved in all kinds of activities in and around our congregation. I also enjoy volunteering through Present Ridderkerk to work for fellow citizens who, due to their circumstances, could do with a helping hand.