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marlies bouman

For more than twenty years I am involved in the fruit and vegetable sector! In the past I’d use to work at the Fruit Market in Barendrecht as summer job (I do not reveal where ). Not much later I married Peter Bouman and with that of course more or less I married the fresh produce-family business. That's why I have always been involved -although in the background- in the ins and outs of the trade. Since this year I also join the FMI team as a communication and marketing colleague. I believe the team can rightly be proud of the quality of our products and of their performance on a daily basis in this blazing fast and demanding business. Ánd: fruit is a beautiful product, all generous gifts from the Creator! In daily life I enjoy our two teenagers and am involved in all kinds of activities at our church community. I also like to do voluntary work for Present Ridderkerk to help fellow citizens who can use a helping hand due to circumstances.