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rené bouman

Four years ago I moved back from Greece to The Netherlands, together with my family. I already work 25 years in the Fruit and Vegetable industry and of those 25 years, I’ve spent and worked 12 in Greece. Together with Peter and my father we launched FMI. The import of limes & lemons is our specialty, however we also import other products such as papayas and figs. They originate from exotic countries all over the world. For me it is so amazing to import / sell these delicious, fresh exotics and most importantly create a satisfied & happy supply chain from supplier to end-customer. In addition, it is also pretty great to be able to support the people and the economy of the countries of our fruit’s origin. Together with the FMI team we aim to create valuable business relationships with our clients and suppliers, as well as good balance between work and personal life. Furthermore, I am happily married with my wife Konstantina and together with our three children we love to travel through beautiful Greece. We, by the way, import the most delicious Kiwi's from there!

peter bouman

The Fruit and Vegetable industry is simply amazing, that is exactly why I really love my job. I have been working in this sector for more than 20 years (it’s a cliché, but time honestly flies). It’s a privilege to work hard every day together with all my colleagues in order to expand/improve our business and make our suppliers and clients happy. My dream is to make people smile with our different approach to the market. We do this by, among others, using the color yellow: "dare to be FMI-yellow!" In addition, we also find it important to keep a positive and energetic vibe. In my spare time I like to be active at the local church, as for me, there is much more between heaven and earth than solely FMI. Furthermore, I like to spend time with my lovely wife and two kids. However, FMI is most certainly a hobby I like to keep a firm grip on!

daan van dalfsen

I’ve already been working 10 years in the Fruit and Vegetable industry. First I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager and for some years now, I successfully work as an Account Manager at FMI. Regarding sales, I am specialized in the import of exotics from Latin-America and the sales of these exotic fruits within Europe. They get exported to Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland, among others.     

frans van der velden

For any questions or/and doubts regarding logistics, customs, food safety and certification concerns: I am here for you! From the year 1998 on, I have been working in the Fruit and Vegetable industry. Now I am part of the FMI team as the Quality Assurance Manager. In my spare time I like to be with my children, play “sledgehockey”, ride my handbike or work at my wife’s store.

mirza husic

The financial man at FMI, that’s me: Mirza Husic. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Brcko district. In 1994 I took shelter in The Netherlands due to the insecurity and political instability in my homeland. Now, 15 years later I am a happily married dad; my son is seven years old. I have been working at FMI from the very start and I’m still learning new things. My life motto is: “keep on learning, keep on moving: simply never stop.” Therefore, I really like to play sports such as soccer, basketball and swimming. Are you curious about why I am holding the papaya like that on the picture? I see it as our money-box and I am trying to hear how much is in there! Believe me: it’s big business.