a day in the life of our                                         quality controller

The FMI team is just getting bigger and bigger! André Bakker recently joined our team as Quality Controller and he has been doing a great job. In the Fruit and Vegetable business it is recommendable to have someone specialized in the quality evaluation of the products, as the products tend to be more fragile due to their nature. In addition, having a Quality Controller also fortifies our quality-based strategy, as it allows us to assure the good we send are in good state. A pretty essential and interview-worthy man, that Quality Controller. This inspired us to take a look inside of de daily life of our Quality Controller: André Bakker.


How long have you been working in the fruits and vegetables Industry?
I’m working in the fruit business since 2010. So I might say I’ve gained quite some experience by now!

Could you please describe a regular day in the life of a Quality Controller?
During a regular day I check outgoing orders, have contact with the sales team and execute stock control. So basically I check everything that comes in and goes out, this way we can assure good quality products to our clients. Controlling the goods, for example limes, includes checking weight, temperature and physical condition. Thereafter I share my findings with the sales team, as well as the suppliers.

Why do you think Quality Controllers  are indispensable in the Fruits and Vegetable business?
A quality controller is the eye of the sales team. It is essential to have at least one person who is able to keep a firm eye on the products, it allows a company to be trustworthy and fair towards their selves and their clients. I love to be close to the fruit, to see, feel and taste it.

What do you like the most of your job?
I like the diversity of the job: every day is different! Furthermore, as the FMI product range not only consists of limes but of various products, I have the opportunity to work with different fruits and enjoy them.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to other Quality Controllers, what would it be and why?
Stay sharp, be fair to the suppliers, as well as the commercial team. This truly makes the difference, as the main goal of a Quality Controller is to provide transparency and insight into the merchandise.

"Quality is the best business plan"