5 reasons why everyone should be drinking lime juice

Haven’t you heard? Lime-juice is the real deal! We all know drinks like orange juice, mango juice and smoothies. True, they are delicious.. but are they really that healthy? An analysis based on these “healthy fruit drinks” by the health group Action on Sugar, revealed that these drinks contain just as much sugar and calories as a soda. A coke contains 150 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar and an apple-juice has 165 calories and 9,8 teaspoons of sugar! Shocking, right? Just to make clear: these sugars are natural sugars, which do make them better than added sugar. However, it is recommended to avoid drinking too much of these fruit-juices, sugar is sugar in the end..

Now let us ask you: do you want to enjoy a delicious drink, maintain a healthy lifestyle and get an energy boost in once? Drink lime-juice! We give you 5 scientifically proven reasons why:

1.      You will be less vulnerable to viruses, yay!
By consuming two limes a day (squeeze the juice of 2 limes in a jar of normal water or sparkling mineral water), your immune system will be activated and strengthen. In addition, lime is a natural antioxidant that helps block and fight bacteria’s.

2.      Limes keep your PH-level balanced.
Limes contain alkaline, which is the opposite of acid (funny fact as people would more likely think limes contain acids). A high number of acids can cause stress and anxiety, therefore balance is essential. By consuming limes you can stabilize your PH-level
when needed. You’re welcome!

3.      They help heal bruises.  
And as the band Train says: “everybody loses, we all got bruises”.  Seriously, it’s true! We all do have those days that we fall of our bike, bump our knee to the table, go a little wild at the gym etc. etc. So the next time you wake up feeling all sore, think about this anti-bruises life hack: drink lime juice and/or apply a bit of juice on the bruise. Bye bye baby blue!

4.    Lime helps the digestive system.
As formerly mentioned, limes contain alkaline salts; these salts help neutralize stomach acidity and other digestive problems. So you know what your miracle cure for this year’s Christmas dinner will be ;). Before you know it you’ll be sitting around the table drinking lime-juice with the entire family. Merry Christmas!

5.    Last but not least: lime is extremely rich in vitamin C.
Your body needs a daily 80mg vitamin C; as it is good for the hair, skin, teeth and bones. One lime contains 20mg, therefore by drinking a lime juice made of two limes you’re halfway there!

We hope these 5 reasons gave you insight on how healthy and beneficial the daily consumption of lime is. In fact, for years now limes are intensively used for various therapies such as aromatherapies and anti-obesity therapies. We came to the conclusion that daily lime consumption is a real win-win situation: it’s delicious AND healthy, what more can you ask for?

Keep an eye on our website. Lime-based recipes will follow soon!


Source: Trucom, C. (2005). Lime is Health (Authors ed.). São Paulo: Unigraf União Gráfica