Our brands

Brands that fill us with pride

We believe in the power of strong brands! That’s why we’ve developed various exclusive brands over the course of time that actually make a difference to suppliers and customers alike. Each brand has its own origin and story; some with a very specific concept.

Royal Fresh

On the market for almost 20 years, a justified classic. Our renowned brand stands for exclusivity and is popular on the exclusive catering segment. Only top quality Limes, Lemons and Papayas are good enough for Royal Fresh.

Toro verde

Grass-green Limes in shiny fire truck red packaging: ‘get energised!’ Our high-value home brand, launched in 2018, has quite a powerful appearance and our customers definitely appreciate the eye-catching glossy red cartons.

The Lime King

The newest brand of our collection. The name says it all; it definitely reflects our ambitions. This brand was specially developed in collaboration with our growers for different kinds of customers and target groups.

create your own brandPowererd by

Your box, our limes

You have your own brand and want to sell our high-quality Limes and Papayas under your own label? We’ll can take care of that from A to Z. You don’t have your own brand but like the concept? We’d be delighted to share our thoughts and ideas with you in developing and creating ‘your own brand’!