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Your box, our FRUIT

Do you have your own brand and want to sell our high quality Limes or Papayas under your label? 
We can take care of that from A to Z. You don’t have your own brand but like the concept? We’d be delighted to share our thoughts and ideas with you in developing and creating ‘your own brand’! How that can be achieved is explained below.

Getting an idea

The question of importing fruit under your own brand usually comes up during the personal contact between the customer and our sales rep. An inventory of the customer’s wishes then follows, as well as a list of products that could be of interest. In addition, they decide on the volumes, sizes and areas to consider. Once this is clear, a concrete offer can be made.

Finding the best possibilities

Because FMI has its own branch in Brazil, the lines with our producers are short, enabling us to take quick decisions when selecting the best fruit. When selecting a preferred grower, terms and conditions are discussed with both the customer and grower. Whether you have your own brand or not; we are happy to share our thoughts and ideas with you regarding the carton design. The boxes are produced at the location.

Get it delivered

After the production is complete and the boxes filled, FMI Do Brazil also takes care of further logistics. We ensure that the agreed upon number of pallets is loaded and monitor the shipment to the customer’s front door. In short: do you want to import fruit yourself without having to worry about anything? FMI will take care of it from A to Z.

Get inspired

There are many options regarding the import of brand-packaged products. We can prepare a customised proposal for you, based on the product and the packaging you have in mind. AMS from France, among others, preceded you with their own brand ‘Pure’. They opted for high quality limes from Brazil in 4.5 KG packaging, fully styled in accordance with their own brand.

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