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Toro Verde is the new, exclusive private label developed by the marketing team of Fruit Market International in cooperation with Supracitrus from Brazil. The Bouman family has enjoyed an excellent relationship with this producer for over 20 years. Our supplier’s limes from the Ita Jobi region in the province of São Paulo are renowned for their good quality. Toro Verde is supplied in the same high-quality packaging as Royal Fresh. Our exclusive glossy cartons are very popular with the customer and are now also available in an eye-catching red colour. 

The background story    

The name Toro Verde means ‘green bull’ and is a playful reference to the well-known energy drink. The bull stands for strength and power, and the green stands for positive energy. Instead of unhealthy, sugary energy drinks, FMI offers the refreshing flavour of lime juice, an energiser that represents a far healthier lifestyle. 

Packaging and possibilities    

If you are interested in adding Toro Verde to your assortment or having your own brand, please ask the team about the possibilities.