Only the best parts of the world

 Our likeable limes        

Due to the excellent collaborations we have with our two large limeproducers: Supracitrus from Brazil and Paso Real from Mexico, we are able to guarantee limes throughout the whole year. These two suppliers complement each other perfectly.

our lovely lemons

The famous Spanish lemon is not our business; right at the moment Europe has very little local production, we are on fire! From May till September we export the best lemons straight from the Argentinian heart: San Miguel de Tucuman. Argentilemon is our long-term partner who exclusively provides us their best lemons, packaged in our own Royal Fresh brand. They are available in sizes 18KG and 6KG cartons. We additionally receive other brands like Gipsy and Diagonal Citrus.

Curious about the origins of our products? Take a look at the world map below or read more about it here.