Supply chain


Where does our fruit come from?OUR PRODUCTION AREAS

The majority of our cultivation is in Latin America as a whole, but in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina in particular. Here, we have been working intensively with renowned growers who have produced top quality fruit under the best of conditions for many years. Because we know exactly how our fruit is grown, we are also able to organise direct programmes for customers. In order to optimise that particular service, FMI recently opened its own branch in Brazil. In this way we know exactly where the fruit comes from and can organise the export directly from source to customer.

Short lines, nice and efficient!OUR DISTRIBUTION

Our fruit is transported directly to the Netherlands and Spain by ship or plane from South and Central America. Thanks to our representation at critical locations, the lines with our suppliers are short and we can provide products to a wide range of customers throughout Europe. In addition, we can also export products from Brazil to other continents; the possibilities are endless.

A great collaborationOUR CUSTOMERS

We are proud to have many good, long-lasting relationships with such a large number of customers. With business contacts throughout Europe in the European wholesale, foodservice and retail sectors, we have established a diversified sales market. In addition and in collaboration with our customers, we are always looking for new and creative ways to create the best opportunities. Direct programmes that take everything out of our customers’ hands.