Ginger is the best!

Ginger: some people love it, some people less: but one thing is for sure it’s super healthy, I must confess! So, after this little poem, let’s get to serious business. It’s true, ginger indeed is extremely healthy and this root is therefore used for many medical purposes. In this blog, I want to focus on the benefits of consuming Ginger, but I also want to give more examples on how to use this root. There’s more in the world than just tea with ginger. Here are some original ideas listed just for you. You’re welcome ;).

Boost your (Clients) Health this Fall and Winter

Give your colleagues, your clients and yourself a extra boost to stay healthy this season, after all we are facing tough and challenging times!​ For this reason, we have developed our HEALTH BOOSTER: one package with a refreshing combination of 4 Limes, 2 Lemons and 150 gr. Ginger.

Fair by Nature and FMI, a fruitful cooperation

Since a few weeks, FMI supports a new project in Spain named Fair by Nature, and they just launched their new website Fair by Nature is a 100% organic project, led by Juan Antonio Ferre with the home base in Allicante, Spain.

Assortment update July - Argentinian lemon season has not yet ended at FMI

This summer we will continue to work on renewing, expanding and perfecting our range at FMI. Due to phytosanitary issues Argentina was forced to stop exporting to the EU since the 1st of July. For that reason Argentinian season will finish sooner than expected. At FMI we will still have Argentinian lemons arriving and available in the coming weeks. We receive 6KG and 18KG in our brand Royal Fresh.

Marlies Bouman

We at FMI are continuously striving for the best results for our farmers and consumers: for this reason, we have developed our HEALTH BOOSTER! All of our specialties in one consumer package, a super-healthy combination of 4 Limes, 2 Lemons and 150 gr. Ginger

Article FMI on Fresh Plaza

Closing the restaurants was a dramatic hit for the limes market. Luckely, prices are slowly inching back to a normal and workable level. Our motto: “When life gives you Limes… make Lemonade!” ;-) " New: Lemons in Royal Fresh all year round at FMI from Argentina and Spain! Read more.

Stay healthy with our Limes, Lemons and more!

Researchers found out that Vitamine C is a great help in fighting the coronavirus. Read here a recent article at Reader's Digest: ​Stop Coronavirus: Boost your immunity with these foods. When it comes to fighting viruses, shoring up your immunity is better than cure!

Primer envío de limones Primofiori españoles con la etiqueta Royal Fresh

Desde la apertura de la oficina de FMI en España, nuestros colegas han estado trabajando activamente. En concreto, José Espinoza ha viajado todos los días para visitar a proveedores españoles, intercambiar conocimientos y localizar las mejores oportunidades. Por lo tanto, estamos encantados de que sus actividades haya dado frutos tan rápidamente: ¡Los primeros palés de hermosos Limones Primofiori Premium Quality en resplandecientes cajas Royal Fresh!