Assortment update July - Argentinian lemon season has not yet ended at FMI

15 juli 2020

This summer we will continue to work on renewing, expanding and perfecting our range at FMI.

Due to phytosanitary issues Argentina was forced to stop exporting to the EU  since the 1st of July. For that reason Argentinian season will finish sooner than expected.

At FMI we will still have Argentinian lemons arriving and available in the coming weeks. We receive 6KG and 18KG in our brand Royal Fresh.

Next week we expect our first arrival of Passion fruit from Colombia, variety Gulupa in 2KG boxes. We will have regular arrivals so that we can provide our customers with fresh, beautiful passion fruit every week.

In the coming weeks there will be fewer limes available from Brazil, but we have weekly entries in our own brands. Through intensive cooperation and a good relationship with our Brazilian suppliers, we have top quality limes available every week.

We can also offer a wide range of products from our office in Spain! From here we are constantly striving for the best quality straight from the source. At the moment we can offer a nice range of peaches, plums, pears and vegetables. From the field, directly to the customer.