You know that moment.. that moment you walk into the supermarket and go to the fruit department to buy all your mainstream purchases? But then… your eye is fixed on that one or two strangely-looking fruits and I can hear you thinking “what is that, what would it taste like.. ?” Well pretty freakin' good I can tell you ! (I just can't hide the excitement when it comes to exotics) Naturally, most of us are already familiar with some of them.. but not everyone. That’s why I want to give you an insight on one of my favorite exotic fruit: THE PAPAYA

Something I found out the past year is that the fruit business is peculiar, it seems easy/simple, but it's quite complex. There are different calibers (sizes), classes, different types like Avocado Hass, Avocado Gwen, Avocado Fuerte, Avocado Pinkerton, Avocado Bacon (seriously, Bacon.. were they hungry when they had to name it?), all kinds of different seasons that differ from continent to continent and so the list goes on and on. I guess the point I want to make is that the fruit business is pretty diverse, dynamic and has lots to offer!

Now, I want to talk about “the fruit of a long life” as the old saying goes. Just like I mentioned, there is no such thing as “once upon a time, there was a papaya, period”. No, the Papaya is also available in different sizes, different varieties (including different flavors) and from different countries. That’s why I want to compare two types of Papayas.



1.      SIZE. The biggest noticeable difference between Papaya Formosa and Golden is the size. The
         Formosa Papaya is bigger, approx. 35cm long. (can weight up to 4 kgs!)
2.      SHAPE. Papaya Formosa has an elongated shape.
3.      STRUCTURE. The Formosa papaya has a redder and firmer inside structure
4.      TASTE. The Formosa Papaya has a stronger taste.


1.      SIZE. 20 cm average length.
2.      SHAPE. More pear-shaped than the Formosa Papaya
3.      STRUCTURE. A smooth skin and a softer / juicier structure than Formosa
4.      TASTE. Subtle, less strong.

These are the main differences between the two of them, but to be honest: they both taste heavenly! We invite you to try them just natural, as a smoothie or in your salad.